SIL Flock 2595

The genetic trends for our suftex are $10 per lamb ahead of the industry average with a rate of genetic gain 250% faster
Genetic trends for TSO = NZTW + Dags for Nithdale Suftex - June 2019

Current Breeding Objectives

Our goal is to produce a black face terminal sire that maximises growth, meat yield & quality, survival and reduced dags. We have been selecting rams and ewes to retain on the SIL New Zealand Terminal Worth Index. Traits measured are lamb survival, dag score (at 3 months and 8 months of age), weaning weights, liveweight at 6 months of age, eye muscle scan (A, B, C measurements) and the top 20% of ram lambs are CT scanned. Since 2016 we have been using only sires that are positive for meat quality (intra-muscular fat - IMF and tenderness) in order to improve meat quality.

All reports are generated from the NZGE. Our flock now are all cross bred averaging between 60-70% suffolk and 30-40% texel.


Meat Quality

Since 2014 the Premier Suftex Group has been involved in the South Island Genomic Calibration Flock at Duncraigen, Te Anau. AgResearch has developed genomics for both productive traits and meat quality traits. From 2016 we have been using breeding values for intra muscular fat (IMF) and tenderness that are incorporated into a ‘meat quality index’. Going forward this information with help us to continue to make improvements in productive traits (meat, growth and survival) while also improving meat quality.

Nithdale 384/15 - Ranked No 1 in South Island Genomic Calibration Flock at Duncraigen, Te Anau in 2016 for Meat Quality (intramuscular fat and tenderness) and NZTW of 1700 in June 2019 NZGE Analysis

Who are the Premier Suftex Group?

Premier Suftex is a group of 12 Suftex (Suffolk/Texel cross) breeders from the North Island down to Southland who formed a Sire Referencing Group in 2004. In March each year after all  liveweights at 6 months of age and scanning data is loaded onto SIL, an across flock sire summary is generated for all breeders in the group using the latest NZ Genetic Evaluation. Rams are selected from that sire summary that will be used across the group at mating. This allows linkages to be made that improve the accuracy of the across flock analysis as well as breeders in the group having access to the top sires. The group also gets together at other times to share ideas, discuss breeding objectives and industry issues relevant to the sheep industry. This all helps members of the group to make greater genetic progress within their own studs. The group has been involved in the South Island Genomic Calibration Flock at Duncraigen since 2012, now a Next Generation site for the Beef + Lamb Genetics Central Progeny Test. Genomics for Meat Quality have been developed there and are being used by the group in their breeding programs. The group has also supplied a number of rams into the Central Progeny Test providing links across the industry, with a number of those rams performing near the top for terminal sires.

Genetic Trends

Genetic trends show the amount of genetic gain in cents over time for a particular trait or index.To view Nithdale Suftexs genetic trends click on the Index or trait below:

  • TSO (NZTW + Dags)
  • Lamb Growth
  • Meat Yield Note: The last 4 years meat yield has level off as we found double MyoMAX sires had a negative impact on meat quality (lower IMF) and we used only zero and single copy MyoMAX sires. In 2019 we used 3 ram hoggets that have double MyoMAX but positive for meat quality. Trend for meat yield will begin to increase again.
  • Survival

Selection of Stud 2th Sires Used 2016

Note: NZTW Index based on July 2019 NZGE

Nithdale 184/14 - NZTW 1583
Nithdale 222/14 - NZTW 1798
Nithdale 223/14 - Used in Duncraigen FarmIQ progeny test and at Nithdale - full brother to Nithdale 222/14. NZTW 1945
Nithdale 365/14 - NZTW 1995

Nithdale Wins the Glammies 2016 Terminal Cross Award

The last time we entered the Glammies was 5 or 6 years ago when we just missed out on getting to the finals so we thought it would be a good opportunity to have another go to benchmark where our lamb is in the meat quality department. It was a great result to win the Terminal Cross class with our Romney/Suftex cross lamb. We have put a lot of effort over recent years into improving productive traits including meat yields in both the Romneys and the Suftex and great to see they still taste good!

Link to NZGE NZTW Sire Leader List

Download the NZGE NZ Standard Terminal Worth Report in PDF format